Fear of Flying (Imagined exposure experiment - Flooding therapy)

"Flooding is a form of behavior therapy based on the principles of respondent conditioning. It is sometimes referred to as exposure therapy or prolonged exposure therapy. As a psychotherapeutic technique, it is used to treat phobia and anxiety disorders including post-traumatic stress disorder. It works by exposing the patient to their painful memories,[1] with the goal of reintegrating their repressed emotions with their current awareness. Flooding was invented by psychologist Thomas Stampfl in 1967.[2] It is still used in behavior therapy today."

Retrieved 11:53, ottobre 12, 2012 from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flooding_(psychology)

Fear of Flying, 2012

Esposizione immaginaria (Flooding therapy)
Volo su aeromobile Airbus A319 Da Milano - Malpensa "Terminal 2" a Roma - "Fiumicino"

Imagined exposure experiment - Flooding therapy
Flight of Airbus A319 From Milan - Malpensa "Terminal 2", To Rome - "Fiumicino"


Video Installation: B&W, STEREO SOUND, 18min 32s loop, HDV transfered to DVD - 720x576 H264

Sound, editing and post-production
Manlio F. Tartara

(c) 2012 Manlio F. Tartara for ProvocActionArt